Yellowfin Tuna - Fresh

Yellowfin Tuna - Fresh

Superfrozen Yellowfin Tuna ( Custom Cut)
$49.00 / LB
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Fresh Yellowfin Tuna ( Custom Cut)
$49.00 / LB
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Superfrozen Yellowfin Tuna

Frozen naturally, to be enjoyed the day you please, promising perfect freshness as though it were caught only moments before your meal.

Special freezing technique preserves our Yellowfin tuna as fresh as the day it was fished from the ocean. In fact, because of our natural preservation technique, many connoisseurs consider the taste and texture of our SuperFrozen fish to be not only equal, but superior, to that of fish that has never been naturally SuperFrozen. Our quality is always Grade #1. No gases or unnatural techniques are used in our freezing process. And thawing only requires that you run cool water over the package.

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna

Guaranteed to be fresh, raw, never frozen, and absolutely incredible.

Luxe Gourmets is proud to offer you what we believe no one else in America can: Fresh, raw, gourmet seafood (such as this Fresh Yellowfin Tuna), delivered to your home or restaurant using temperature-controlled shipping; and we deliver everywhere in America (overnight!). Yet what makes Luxe Gourmets truly unique, is that we are able to bring something to your home that is very rare to obtain: Fish in highest grade possible, (Grade #1), which is the same grade that is served in the top Michelin-starred restaurants. No other company offers this combination of luxury, freshness, and overnight delivery throughout the country. And you have our guarantee that your fish will arrive at your home or restaurant as fresh as when it was caught from the ocean.

Available throughout the year, but requires pre-order.


Farmed or Wild?
All our tuna are farmed, including yellowfin tuna.

Is the fish caught in sustainable way??
The Superfrozen O2 Tuna is certified sustainable and dolphin-safe.

How is it processed and packed?
Fresh Yellowfin orders are inititially put into system as preorder. Each morning, fresh yellowfin loin is selected for the orders. Once the loin is graded and quality assured, the delivery date is set.
SuperFrozen O2 tuna is already cut and packed with oxygen within the bag.

What is SuperFrozen?
Super freezing is a process that stops the natural decay that begins when the fish is caught. This process begins at sea, where fishing boats are specifically fitted with specialized freezers that store a catch immediately after the fish has been gutted and the gills have been removed. The fish then remain in these freezers during transport to kitchens in and beyond Japan. When it is defrosted, the fish revives to exactly the moment it was frozen. SuperFrozen tunas are all-natural tuna with no preservatives, and ensures the highest quality of freshness.
Superfrozen tuna is kept fresher than fresh quality while in super freezers kept at -76°F. Once it’s stored in conventional freezers (at -4°F), we recommend that it’s consumed within 7 days.

Is SuperFrozen O2 tuna different from CO2 injected tuna?
Due to the fact that most standard freezing methods can’t prevent oxidation and are unable to sufficiently starve off decay, tuna processors infuse their tuna with carbon monoxide or smoke to restore the rich redness of fresh tuna. These chemicals leave behind unappetizing traces of carbon dioxide and methane. However, Super freezing is an all-natural process that begins the moment the fish is caught, therefore providing unparalleled freshness without any additives.

How do I thaw?
Thawing instruction is included with your order. Please make sure to follow the thawing direction for optimal result.

How long will it keep?
We recommend that you enjoy your Super Frozen tuna within 2 days of receiving it. For optimal taste it is best to be consumed within 24 hours after defrosting. If you are not planning to enjoy your product immediately, be sure to put it in the freezer straightaway. Keeping the product for more than 2 weeks will cause the color to change, as we do not use preservative and home freezers are significantly warmer than then temperature SuperFrozen tunas are kept in.

How is it processed and packed?
Fresh Yellowfin is sliced to size, and sealed in the only FDA approved air permeable bag for fresh fish. SuperFrozen Bluefin loin are cut to size, vacuum packed. We ship in customized insulation material with gelpack for fresh and a 3 lb-5lb block of dry ice in each delivery of frozen product depending on the weight of the fish. 

How is it shipped?
All our product are sent via FedEx overnight shipping in custom made boxes with specially designed liners to keep the inner temperature intact for frozen or fresh environment. We insert temperature strips with each package so our customers will be assured of no temperature spiking to unhealthy zone to ensure HACCP adherence.

Is it one large piece or small pieces?
Superfrozen O2 Yellowfin Tuna is cut to size and prepackaged in sealed bag.  Fresh Yellowfin is sliced in an increments of 1lb.  If you would like your tuna order to be 1 large piece, please indicate it at the checkout page in the instruction area.  


Yellowfin Tuna and Mandarin Salad
Yellowfin Tuna Melt
Ahi Tuna Poke
Nicoise Salad with Cured Yellowfin Tuna
Picture of Yellowfin Tuna - Fresh Picture of Yellowfin Tuna - Fresh

To the experienced chef, the beauty of Yellowfin tuna is its versatility … its firm, mild, and lean meat lends itself perfectly to raw dishes such as tuna tartare, seafood salads, sushi and sashimi—as well as thick broiled steaks, and grilled filets. In Hawaii, this popular fish is called “ahi” and is often used in the delicious Hawaiian dish “poke” (click here for a perfect poke recipe, courtesy of chef Marc Matsumoto). Because Yellowfin is less fatty than the revered Bluefin tuna, it demands a lower price. This makes Yellowfin the ideal tuna for the everyday arsenal of a gourmet chef. While we recommend the more luxurious Bluefin Otoro or Chutoro for important dishes, which call for an unbelievable tuna that will mesmerize your guests, we suggest you try Yellowfin for everyday gourmet seafood recipes, as you can safely reach for Yellowfin with the certainty that your dishes will come out beautifully.

Yet not all Yellowfins are created equal: Note that we at Luxe Gourmets offer exclusively Grade #1 Yellowfin, which is the highest grade, (a “luxury sashimi grade” tuna). Grade #1 tunas are rare and in high demand—they are usually only offered in Michelin-starred restaurants—while the lesser grades (which you are apt to find in even the finest sushi bars and fish markets), pale in comparison to the quality of the Grade #1 fish that Luxe Gourmets delivers right to your home.

We at Luxe Gourmets offer both Fresh Yellowfin and SuperFrozen Yellowfin. Both products are custom cut to order by lb.

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