Wild Alaskan Ivory King Salmon

Wild Alaskan Ivory King Salmon

2~3lb Whole Fillet
$138.00 / Pack
3~4lb Whole Fillet
$207.00 / Pack


One of the most sought after delicacies, available only at Luxe Gourmets!

The white or Ivory King Salmon is the finest, most sought after of all Alaskan Salmon, this unique breed accounts for only 0.1% of all Alaska's catch making it one of the most exclusive fish on the market. This lavish King of the sea is usually kept for private consumption, treasured by Michelin-starred chefs and is rarely offered for purchase by the public. But now, the unimaginably smooth, melt in the mouth flesh that is unique to that of the prestigious White King, can now be purchased at Luxe Gourmets. .

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Farmed or Wild?
Our wild Alaskan ivory king salmon is caught during the salmon spawning season in Alaska.

How is it frozen?
Our wild Alaskan ivory king salmon is DreamFrozen and vacuum packed to guarantee freshly caught taste up to 2 years. Our salmon is caught 2016 salmon run in Alaskan waters during the spawning season unlike most of the sockeye salmon that are caught in the open sea near Russian water.

Is the fish caught in sustainable way??
Our wild Alaskan ivory king salmon is certified sustainable.

Does it have skin? Does it have bone in it?
Our wild Alaskan ivory king salmon Trim-C has skin on with pin-bone removed.

How long will it keep?
Although wild Alaskan ivory king salmon is DreamFrozen and kept for a long time in the freezer, we recommend that you do not keep in freezer for more than 2 weeks in conventional refrigerator.

How do I thaw?
Please cut the vacuum bag to let the air in and thaw the fish in your refrigerator. If can also be thawed on a paperlined shallow baking pan and covered to keep from the moisture evaporating.

How is it shipped?
All our product are sent via FedEx overnight shipping in custom made boxes with specially designed liners to keep the inner temperature intact for frozen or fresh environment. We insert temperature strips with each package so our customers will be assured of no temperature spiking to unhealthy zone to ensure HACCP adherence.

How should I cook this?
From a culinary standpoint, remember this rule; “LOW and SLOW”! The lower temperature when cooking - the better – so think in terms of a long, low and slow gentle steam, or pan fry to retain everything this fish has to offer; Keep it simple; This is not a fish that requires heavy saucing, or strong flavors. A mild finish sauce allows the uniqueness to shine through.


Ivory King Salmon Crostini
Picture of Wild Alaskan Ivory King Salmon Picture of Wild Alaskan Ivory King Salmon

In the past, the Ivory King was deemed only worthy of the canning line with their Red King relatives being the more popular choice for salmon lovers. Now the White King salmon has emerged as the very finest, most adored of all King Salmon; it’s rarity and lavish flavor makes this fish a true luxury. Rich, succulent, buttery like texture and sinfully silky flakes make this fish unparalleled in terms of taste ensuring the most pleasurable eating experience with every bite. Sumptuous unpigmented melt in the mouth flesh gives the Ivory King Salmon its distinctive sweetness. These Kings are full of fat and full of taste, troll-caught, hand-filleted, hand-selected, and hand-bled to guarantee the highest quality seafood experience.

King salmon can be categorized as Ivory King even if there is just a bit of white patch. However, our Ivories are filleted to make sure they are white throughout, and then checked for quality before being selected exclusively for Luxe Gourmets customers.

We take great pride in promising that our Ivories are filleted and checked for quality before being selected exclusively for Luxe Gourmets customers making sure that they are white throughout, perfectly fresh and magnificently tasty. Our use of DreamFreezetechnology ensures that this exquisite Ivory King Salmon is always just as fresh as when it was caught, capturing all the natural taste and texture year around.

currently out of stock.

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