Bluefin Tuna - Otoro And Chutoro

Bluefin Tuna - Otoro And Chutoro

Bluefin Otoro - Supreme Fat ( About 1/2 lb each.)
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Bluefin Chutoro - Medium Fat ( About 1/2 lb each.)
$74.50 / Pack
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Bluefin Otoro - Supreme Fat

Just as the Bluefin is the king of the tuna world, “Otoro” is the queen jewel of the Bluefin.

Whether you are a professional sushi artist, an amateur Japanese cuisine chef, or simply a lover of sushi, you fit into one of two categories: those who have tasted Bluefin Otoro, and those who have not. If you haven’t tried this delicacy, no words or description can give you the experience. That is how special Otoro is.

Cut from the underbelly of the Bluefin tuna, Otoro is the part of the Bluefin with the softest texture, the highest omega-3-fat content, and the most enchanting taste. The marbling on this fish is exquisite, and some compare it to the finest cuts of beef.

Once you taste our Bluefin Otoro tuna, you will never forget it.

Bluefin Chutoro - Medium Fat

Just like our highest-quality Bluefin Otoro, Bluefin Chutoro also comes from the fatty underbelly of the Bluefin tuna.  Chutoro is slightly lower in fat than Otoro and has a less intense taste, but its supreme flavor and soft flesh still make it one of the finest delicacies to come from the sea.  Luxe Gourmets' Bluefin are caught in the wintertime, when its taste is the finest; so there is a great advantage to ordering Chutoro that has been “SuperFrozen™” rather than fresh. Thanks to Luxe Gourmets, you can enjoy the excellence of winter Chutoro during any month of the year.


Please be advised. Toro has bone and suji(sinew) parts. We don't remove them as it will also take off the precious fatty parts and most of our customers like to sear or to melt the suji by the heat.  Price has already been adjusted accordingly.  

Farmed or Wild?
All our tuna are farmed, including Bluefin tuna (from Spain and Australia. We don’t use Mexico bluefin as they are lower quality).

What is SuperFrozen?
Our Otoro and Chutoro are SuperFrozen promising perfect freshness as though it were caught only moments before your meal.
Super freezing is a process that stops the natural decay that begins when the fish is caught. This process begins at sea, where fishing boats are specifically fitted with specialized freezers that store a catch immediately after the fish has been gutted and the gills have been removed. The fish then remain in these freezers during transport to kitchens in and beyond Japan. When it is defrosted, the fish revives to exactly the moment it was frozen. SuperFrozen tunas are all-natural tuna with no preservatives, and ensures the highest quality of freshness.
Superfrozen tuna is kept fresher than fresh quality while in super freezers kept at -76°F. Once it’s stored in conventional freezers (at -4°F), we recommend that it’s consumed within 7 days.

How do I thaw?
Thawing instruction is included with your order. Please make sure to follow the thawing direction for optimal result.

How long will it keep?
We recommend that you enjoy your Super Frozen tuna within 2 days of receiving it. For optimal taste it is best to be consumed within 24 hours after defrosting. If you are not planning to enjoy your product immediately, be sure to put it in the freezer straightaway. Keeping the product for more than 2 weeks will cause the color to change, as we do not use preservative and home freezers are significantly warmer than then temperature SuperFrozen tunas are kept in.

How is it processed and packed?
SuperFrozen Otoro and Chutoro are cut to size, vacuum packed.  We ship in customized insulation material with a 3 lb-5lb block of dry ice in each delivery of frozen product depending on the weight of the fish. 

How is it shipped?
All our product are sent via FedEx overnight shipping in custom made boxes with specially designed liners to keep the inner temperature intact. Frozen tuna is protectively sealed and sent with dry-ice/ice sheet combination to keep the freezing temperature. We insert temperature strips with each package so our customers will be assured of no temperature spiking to unhealthy zone to ensure HACCP adherence.


Otoro Crudo with Grapefruit Caviar
Poached Chutoro with Yuzu Miso
Otoro Ssam
Chutoro Yakitori
Picture of Bluefin Tuna - Otoro And Chutoro Picture of Bluefin Tuna - Otoro And Chutoro

The Jewel of Our World’s Oceans – Luxe Gourmets invites America’s gourmet seafood connoisseurs to experience one of the world’s rarest and most sought-after luxury foods. The finest grade of Japan’s foremost delicacy, the Bluefin tuna. Grade #1+ quality Otoro and Chutoro, shipped fresh overnight to your home.

Did you know that a single Bluefin tuna can sell for millions of dollars at the famous Tsukiji Fish Auction in Tokyo? The largest species of tuna, the mighty Bluefin is the most coveted and desired large fish in the world. It is a symbol of both luxury, and excellent taste. Of all the cuts of this fish, it is the fatty underbelly, (the “Toro”), that is the most expensive, and the most desired. Average Bluefin Tuna exceeds 900 lb and yields only 3 to 5 lb of Toro. This Toro is the source of the two finest portions of Bluefin: One is called “Otoro” and the other, “Chutoro.” Both are rare and in high demand—hitherto almost exclusively reserved for the top restaurants in Japan, and usually only available in America to Michelin-starred chefs. But now, thanks to Luxe Gourmets, seafood lovers throughout the USA can enjoy fresh, raw Otoro and Chutoro in their highest grade (Grade #1+), right at home.

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