• Just as the Bluefin is the king of the tuna world, “Otoro” is the queen jewel of the Bluefin.

    Whether you are a professional sushi artist, an amateur Japanese cuisine chef, or simply a lover of sushi, you fit into one of two categories: those who have tasted Bluefin Otoro, and those who have not. If you haven’t tried this delicacy, no words or description can give you the experience. That is how special Otoro is.

    Cut from the underbelly of the Bluefin tuna, Otoro is the part of the Bluefin with the softest texture, the highest omega-3-fat content, and the most enchanting taste. The marbling on this fish is exquisite, and some compare it to the finest cuts of beef.

    Once you taste our Bluefin Otoro tuna, you will never forget it.

    Bluefin Otoro - Supreme Fat (About 1/2 lb each.) Qty: $84.50 / Pack

  • Just like our highest-quality Bluefin Otoro, Bluefin Chutoro also comes from the fatty underbelly of the Bluefin tuna.  Chutoro is slightly lower in fat than Otoro and has a less intense taste, but its supreme flavor and soft flesh still make it one of the finest delicacies to come from the sea.  Luxe Gourmets' Bluefin are caught in the wintertime, when its taste is the finest; so there is a great advantage to ordering Chutoro that has been “SuperFrozen™” rather than fresh. Thanks to Luxe Gourmets, you can enjoy the excellence of winter Chutoro during any month of the year.

    Bluefin Chutoro - Medium Fat (About 1/2 lb each.) Qty: $74.50 / Pack

  • Frozen naturally, to be enjoyed the day you please, promising perfect freshness as though it were caught only moments before your meal.

    Special freezing technique preserves our Bluefin Tuna Loin, keeping it as fresh as the day it was caught from the ocean. In fact, because our natural preservation technique results in absolutely zero loss of freshness from the sea to your home , many connoisseurs consider the taste, and texture of our SuperFrozen fish to be not only equal, but superior, to that of fish that has never been naturally SuperFrozen. Our quality is always Grade #1. No gases or unnatural techniques are used in our freezing process. And thawing only requires that you run cool water over the package.

    SuperFrozen Bluefin Tuna Loin (Custom Cut) Qty: $99.00 / LB

  • Guaranteed to be fresh, raw, never frozen, and absolutely incredible.

    If you intend to cook or serve raw your Bluefin Tuna Loin the day it arrives at your home or restaurant, you will love this Fresh Farmed variety. To preserve your Tuna Loin in the freezer, select our SuperFrozen variety above. If you are wondering about the difference in taste: Many connoisseurs insist that Fresh Farmed is the best, while others swear by our SuperFrozen variety, and claim it has the superior taste and texture.

    Available throughout the year, but requires pre-order.

    Fresh Farmed Bluefin Tuna Loin (Custom Cut) Qty: $99.00 / LB

  • In the sacred pantheon of luxury fish, Bigeye tuna reigns as the second most important deity (only the Bluefin tuna has more glory). Yet in Hawaii, Bigeye is by far the most popular and revered tuna species. Hawaiians call Bigeye “ahi” (along with Yellowfin tuna), and consider it a supreme delicacy that makes any cooked or raw fish recipe taste like absolute paradise.

    Many tuna connoisseurs consider Bigeye, with its deliciously mild flavor, as the choice tuna for cooked recipes—such as hot steaks seared on each side, left raw (or “bleu”) in the middle, or else broiled and cooked through. Yet because it has a fair amount of excellent tuna fat, it also tastes wonderful when eaten raw as sashimi or sushi.

    All of our seafood is Grade #1, so you can be certain that our Bigeye Tuna will please even the most discriminating palates no matter how luxurious the occasion. We do not use artificial preservative techniques or ingredients on our seafood, and its superior freshness is guaranteed.

    This product is custom cut to order by lb.

    Fresh Bigeye Tuna (Custom Cut) Qty: $59.00 / LB

  • Guaranteed to be fresh, raw, never frozen, and absolutely incredible.

    Luxe Gourmets is proud to offer you what we believe no one else in America can: Fresh, raw, gourmet seafood (such as this Fresh Yellowfin Tuna), delivered to your home or restaurant using temperature-controlled shipping; and we deliver everywhere in America (overnight!). Yet what makes Luxe Gourmets truly unique, is that we are able to bring something to your home that is very rare to obtain: Fish in highest grade possible, (Grade #1), which is the same grade that is served in the top Michelin-starred restaurants. No other company offers this combination of luxury, freshness, and overnight delivery throughout the country. And you have our guarantee that your fish will arrive at your home or restaurant as fresh as when it was caught from the ocean.

    Available throughout the year, but requires pre-order.

    Fresh Yellowfin Tuna (Custom Cut) Qty: $49.00 / LB