Sockeye Salmon

  • The most legendary species of salmon: Revered for its holy magic by ancient civilizations, and considered divine for its holy taste by modern chefs…

    No other fish has inspired as many Native American myths, legends, ceremonial dances, and religious festivals, as the North Pacific salmon. Since ancient times, Indians believed that it was their diet of salmon that made their minds quick, their muscles strong, and their bodies beautiful. Today, we have the evidence of science to back up the ancient wisdom of the Native Americans. Salmon’s benefit to the brain, the heart, and its role in preventing disease cannot be understated. But beyond health and medicine, North Pacific salmon is revered worldwide as a food whose taste cannot be surpassed.

    At Luxe Gourmets, our mission is to bring fish lovers: “The best of the oceans.” For this reason, we have chosen the illustrious sockeye salmon of the Northern Pacific Ocean. Although the North Atlantic Ocean is also teeming with salmon, the Atlantic species lack the intense flavor, the deep red color, and the velvety texture found in wild Pacific sockeyes. The flavor of Luxe Gourmet’s sockeye salmon is sweet and clean, and it produces the subtle taste of fresh butter when enjoyed raw. Cooking this amazing fish changes the flavor, adding an intensity that is rich and robust.

    $30.00 / LBS