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Hamachi Crudo with Yuzu Emulsion Recipe
Hamachi Crudo With Yuzu Emulsion

This simple crudo requires very few ingredients and takes little time to prepare and yet it provides a gorgeous presentation that will wow your guests. Served with a fresh herbal green shiso pistou and a tangy and piquant emulsion that's redolent of yuzu, the flavors are as vibrant as the colors on the plate. By plating the emulsion on the side, your diner's can adjust the proportions of each sauce to suit their mood with every bite.

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Bigeye Tuna Albondigas Recipe
Bigeye Tuna Albondigas

These Spanish-style tuna "meatballs" are an addictive canapé when served with picks but can also make for a delightful tapa served with a loaf of crusty bread. By hand-chopping the Bigeye tuna, it retains some of its texture while coming together with the other ingredients to form moist, tender albondigas that are redolent of garlic and smoky pimentón.

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Yellowfin Carne Asada Recipe
Yellowfin Carne Asada

These tacos are a great way to finish off the last of a batch of Yellowfin. With big hunks of juicy tuna, redolent of garlic and cilantro and the bold flavors of warm spices like cumin, coriander and oregano, it's a light yet satisfying summer meal. Since you don't need to marinate tuna for very long, this makes for a great weeknight meal. Because Yellowfin tuna is very lean, it's important not to overcook it as it will end up tough and dry. That's why this recipe works best if the skewers are seared on two sides using a very hot cast iron grill pan or skillet rather than using a conventional grill.

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Bluefin Tuna Tartare with Wasabi Espuma Recipe
Bluefin Tuna Tartare With Wasabi Espuma

Although this Bluefin Tuna Tartare sticks closely to the classic French recipe for steak tartare, the raw egg yolk has been replaced with a wasabi espuma for a novel modern twist on the original. Parsley juice infused with wasabi and thickened with raw egg whites, the mixture is charged with nitrous oxide in a siphon to turn it into a light-as-air foam. Served atop a mound of silken cubes of tuna seasoned with capers, onions and mustard, this simple appetizer looks far more involved than it actually is.

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Ōtoro Bacon and Quail Eggs Recipe
Otoro Bacon And Quail Eggs

This fun take on a bacon and eggs breakfast makes for a perfect hors d'oeuvre that's instantly recognizable and yet novel. The "bacon" is made with ōtoro (tuna belly) that's been cured with smoked salt and maple syrup. The salt draws out liquid from the tuna giving it a firmer texture while imbuing a smoky aroma that mimics the flavor of cold-smoked bacon. Because of the fat content of ōtoro, the warmth of your mouth instantly melts the fat releasing a pool of smoky sweet flavor into your mouth. Topped with a sunny-side up quail egg and served on a diminutive slice of buttery brioche, this bite-sized canapé tastes as good as it looks.

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