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DreamFreeze Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
Quality And Freshness Captured: The Power of DreamFreeze

Sockeye fillets processed using DreamFreeze, a new, revolutionary proton freezing technology are the freshest and most flavorful of all.

DreamFreeze, developed in Japan, is an innovative process that generates a pulsed magnetic field that forces the water molecules within each cell to freeze instantly, minimizing the damage to the cellular structure that occurs when using conventional freezing technologies.

Sockeye salmon are prized for their ruby red flesh and succulent flavor. They have the second highest oil content of the wild salmon species.

The sockeye fishery off Kodiak Island, Alaska, starts each year in early June and runs through July. During this season, Kodiak fishermen catch approximately two to three million fish, averaging about six pounds and yielding up to three pounds of skin-on flllets.

In Alaska, sockeye are caught by seine and gillnets. The Kodiak seine fleet fishes off the island’s many capes and can intercept salmon some distance from their home rivers and streams. Bright and fat, these are among the highest quality sockeye you can find anywhere.

Alaska’s salmon fishery was first certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council in 2000. Recertified in 2007, it is currently undergoing its third reassessment to MSC sustainability standards.