• Hamachi, the “blushing angel” …One of modern cuisines’ most fashionable trends boasts of a unique flavor that is adored by chefs.

    Hamachi - Yellowtail… also known as the “Blushing Angel” because its pure white flesh, resembling the complexion of an angel, gradually merges into flowering accents of deep rose-colored hues reminiscent of blushing cheeks. Hamachi’s sweet and innocent appearance gives a hint of the subtle effect it produces when first placed on the tongue. Its light, firm texture yields to the bite. Then, gradually, the rosy innocence of this delicacy vanishes as its meat begins to tease the tongue with a sudden boldness and exciting taste.

    Hamachi is one of the most fashionable fish in Japanese cuisine today. It is extremely rich in healthy oils (so much so, that soy sauce is literally “repelled” from the flesh and won’t soak in). Many chefs are following the current trend to lightly broil or slightly grill Hamachi with an added spice of jalapeño peppers. When you order Luxe Gourmets’ frozen sashimi-grade Hamachi - Yellowtail, you can experiment with this trendy cooking style, yet we urge you to also sample this angelic fish as sashimi so that you don’t miss out on the unique complexity of its most natural essence. Enjoyed raw, Hamachi’s taste combines subtle delicateness with a rich and bold flavor: a cornucopia of perfumed nuances that enchant the tongue and tease the taste buds, only to surprise you at the very end. Hamachi has an exquisite finish. Once you swallow the Blushing Angel, its natural oils remain in your mouth, leaving you with an aftertaste that is immaculately refreshing and clean.

    Hamachi - Yellowtail (About 1.5 lb each.) Qty: $53.00 / Pack