Fresh Bigeye Tuna

Fresh Bigeye Tuna

Bigeye ( Custom Cut)
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In the sacred pantheon of luxury fish, Bigeye tuna reigns as the second most important deity (only the Bluefin tuna has more glory). Yet in Hawaii, Bigeye is by far the most popular and revered tuna species. Hawaiians call Bigeye “ahi” (along with Yellowfin tuna), and consider it a supreme delicacy that makes any cooked or raw fish recipe taste like absolute paradise.

Many tuna connoisseurs consider Bigeye, with its deliciously mild flavor, as the choice tuna for cooked recipes—such as hot steaks seared on each side, left raw (or “bleu”) in the middle, or else broiled and cooked through. Yet because it has a fair amount of excellent tuna fat, it also tastes wonderful when eaten raw as sashimi or sushi.

All of our seafood is Grade #1, so you can be certain that our Bigeye Tuna will please even the most discriminating palates no matter how luxurious the occasion. We do not use artificial preservative techniques or ingredients on our seafood, and its superior freshness is guaranteed.

This product is custom cut to order by lb.


Farmed or Wild?
All our tuna are farmed, including Bluefin tuna (from Spain and Australia. We don’t use Mexico bluefin as they are lower quality).

How long will it keep?
We recommend that you enjoy your Fresh tuna within 1 day of receiving it especially if it will be consumed as sashimi. If you are not planning to enjoy your product immediately, be sure to put it in the freezer straightaway. Tuna will oxidize and grade will decrease rapidly. These are premium sashimi-grade products.

How is it processed and packed?
Selected Fresh Bigeye are sliced to size and sealed in the only FDA approved air permeable bag for fresh fish. We ship in customized insulation material with gelpack for fresh product.

How is it shipped?
All our product are sent via FedEx overnight shipping in custom made boxes with specially designed liners to keep the inner temperature intact. Fresh tuna is protectively sealed and sent with gelpack/ice sheet combination to keep the refrigerated temperature. We insert temperature strips with each package so our customers will be assured of no temperature spiking to unhealthy zone to ensure HACCP adherence.

Is it one large piece or small pieces?
Fresh Bigye tuna is cut in increments of 1lb.  If you would like your tuna order to be 1 large piece, please indicate it at the checkout page in the instruction area.


Bigeye Tuna Piccata
Bigeye Tuna Albondigas
Bigeye Tuna Carpaccio
Picture of Fresh Bigeye Tuna Picture of Fresh Bigeye Tuna

Of all luxury fish, only the Bluefin is considered more sacred than the Bigeye. Yet in Hawaii, Bigeye is considered the supreme tuna delicacy. Enjoy its beautiful flavor either raw or cooked.

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