About Us

The Best of the Oceans - Delivered to Your Home

We pride ourselves on supplying America with the finest, freshest, and rarest species and cuts of seafood from around the world.  Through our partnerships with producers and suppliers that carry the most prized products, we offer you what no one else can: the best of the oceans – coveted varieties of tuna (including the famous, rare Otoro), as well as the finest Hamachi and Sockeye salmon. 

Our customers can now enjoy the same products that are reserved for Michelin-starred restaurants in the USA.  Whether you are an award-winning personal chef, an expert sushi master, a foodie, or an individual family who wants only the best (but doesn’t know where to find it), you can be sure that our products are the world’s finest.

We are the leading seafood purveyor in the USA, and the only company that ships to anywhere in America overnight with adherence to FDA and HACCP compliance.  Our system allows for complete traceability of all products: from the sea to your doorstep.  No more guesswork and taking chances.  

We are conscientious company that uses the most environmentally-safe packaging.  All is packaged, shipped, and guaranteed to arrive at your home or restaurant the following day.  Order today, and tomorrow you will have all you need to prepare and serve some of the best and healthiest foods on earth—it’s a seafood experience you will never forget!