Picture of Wild Alaskan Ivory King Salmon

Wild Alaskan Ivory King Salmon

One of the most sought after delicacies, available only at Luxe Gourmets!

The white or Ivory King Salmon is the finest, most sought after of all Alaskan Salmon, this unique breed accounts for only 0.1% of all Alaska's catch making it one of the most exclusive fish on the market. This lavish King of the sea is usually kept for private consumption, treasured by Michelin-starred chefs and is rarely offered for purchase by the public. But now, the unimaginably smooth, melt in the mouth flesh that is unique to that of the prestigious White King, can now be purchased at Luxe Gourmets. .

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2~3lb Whole Fillet
$138.00 / Pack
3~4lb Whole Fillet
$207.00 / Pack